Who we are and what we do

The INT Business GmbH is engaged in the national and international trading with FOOD and NON-FOOD products. These products are shipped by container (20 feet or 40 feet) directly to our clients all over the world. 7/7 days, 24/24 hours, door to door. All products can be produced under "private label", our label or the producer label as per request.

The company is devided in 3 departments:


Retail trade: We can offer all products in retail packings for example for supermarkets.


Wholesale trade: We can offer all products in wholesale packings.


Consolidator service: We can buy, collect, store and ship all requested products for you. Of course we do also all documentation and logistic services for you.

Our assortment ranges from FOOD items: frozen fish, frozen or chilled meat and poultry, frozen vegetables, different canned products and dried products to NON-FOOD items: washing powder, cleaning products and hygienic products. You can see further details on the next pages.

Our products are produced in certified companies only. The quality control is made by ourselve personally during the production in order to guarantee only the best quality for you.

Please contact us for further informations or questions!